Stepping in to the light

Here's a sobering fact: The matter we know and that makes up all stars and galaxies in the only accounts for 5% of the content of the universe - the rest is dark matter! But what is dark matter? Well, although most scientists agree that dark matter exists, no one actually knows!

Luckily, we know what dark beer is but similarly it's often forgotten and misunderstood. Our experience is when we've tempted people try one, they have an epiphany: "I usually don't like dark beer, but this one is really good!"

As the nights draw in there's something comforting about a dark beer. So… we've teamed up with The Reindeer to bring you a broad variety from Black IPAs, to Sours, Old Ale, and of course Porters and Stouts, to show you there is so much more to dark beer than Irish Stout.

We've searched the UK and have some of the most amazing beers lined up for you from top UK brewers and teamed up once again with local breweries to support their incredible and growing craft. Look out for the beer list as we'll be releasing them over the coming week. There is also music, food and even coffee to test our collective palates and artistry.

This is the first of many city sessions that we'll be co-hosting between now and August 2018, when we'll be back with a beer festival like Norwich has ever seen before!

What's happening
Not sure what dark beer you like? Then create your own experiment by getting a paddle of third measures of different dark beers. Choose from the entire range of cask and keg all supplied with tasting notes, but you can always speak to the bar staff who can help you choose.
In the centre of a black hole is a gravitational singularity, a one-dimensional point which contains a huge mass in an infinitely small space. Current theory suggests that, if an object falls into a black hole and reaches the singularity at the centre, it will disappear forever.

Our black board is full of single dark beers that you may not find in Norwich again, and as there is only ONE of each so they will soon disappear... forever – well kinda!

We'll be releasing the beers the week leading up to Dark Matters. Stay tuned and be quick!

The Big Blend theory
THURS 23rd NOVEMBER 7.30pm
Colliding roasted malts with roasted beans to demonstrate two of the most progressive craft revolutions, beer and coffee. We'll be inviting one of the top baristas to take you through the anatomy of the brews and combining them to help you explore the nuances of your palettes and explore the artistry.

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Voodoo Boogie
Voodoo Boogie will be the soundtrack to your contemplation of the dark matter diminishing within your glass. Their sound ranges through exotica-tinged doo-wop, heavy surf instrumentals, fuzz-drenched garage stompers and skronking saxophone-led jukebox rhythm n' blues.

Some say Stephen Hawking loves heavy surf instrumentals when theorising about black holes!
Sweet science
SAT 25th NOVEMBER 3.00pm - 6.00pm
The Reindeer Kitchen has used its gastronomic genius to conduct a food pairing of delicious deserts that will accentuate the characters of the beers we have available during Dark Matters. Tarts, Jellies and Beerimisu awaits this thorough exploration of desserts and dark beer.

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SAT 25th NOVEMBER 7.30pm
A four-piece rock band who love hard pounding drums, shreddin guitar solos, rumbling bass and wailing, gritty vocals.

These guys smash out the rock jams you know and love - but better.
Duration Brewing x Deya
SUN 26th NOVEMBER 7.30pm
The launch of the next amazing collaboration between the eagerly anticipated Duration Brewing & Deya one of the highest regarded brewers in the country. Putting together their two loves, coffee and beer to create a sumptuous coffee oatmeal porter.
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